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I want to thank you all and Designate Title Company helping me with my House Closing.  I want to say that I have received best deal and best service from Designated Title Company. Also, I want to thank Ben for helping me at every steps and also education me about the process and all the calculation related to Closing (sorry I asked so many questions related to calculation). This entire process was very comfortable for me and I feel very relaxed and very happy that I closed with Designated Title Company.
Tipu Khan and Farha Syed

Thank you so much for providing us an amazing lunch and training! Did I mention amazing lunch? Haha- still can’t get over the coleslaw! Awesome! I truly appreciate you and all you do for me and all our agents in Arlington! I think Designated Title is one of the best things Judge Fite and you have provided for us — As if Judge Fite family isn’t enough?! We have so many benefits by being a part of this amazing company and you certainly are one of them! Thank You.

Kim Viscione Real Estate Consultant
I wanted to thank you for he warm and genuine manner with which you dealt with my nervous and agitated state yesterday. Your staff was so kind and so supportive. Everyone made a  difficult day so much easier for me. Thank you and have a blessed day!
S. Mann
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