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Most frequent questions and answers

Our knowledgeable team knows service is the priority – to the real estate agent, lender, and buyer or seller. We are a trusted resource in the title industry, here to serve you one transaction at a time. We have multiple office locations across the Metroplex and provide a mobile closing service for a convenient closing experience in Texas, throughout the United States and the across the globe.

For the agents who choose us – we understand the importance of communication, reliability and value. Partner with us to keep the process simple for you and your clients. Our free tools and calculators provide information at your fingertips, so your clients receive fast and accurate estimates.

For the lenders who work with us – we want a professional closing experience in every setting, from office to home and in-between. Our expertise in different types of transactions can help make your work easier.

For buyers and sellers who close with us – our commitment in the process sets us apart from other title companies. We value your time and money, while delivering professional title service for your purchase. Let us help protect your investment.

Title insurance is a unique insurance policy that protects your ownership in real property — in most cases, your home. Unlike other policies, title insurance protects the owner from past errors related to ownership history rather than future risks such as fire, flood or other physical damages. Title coverage is based on the careful research of past ownership records and is designed to address any overlooked or outstanding issues prior to your taking possession of your property.

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) website “How TDI Regulates and Oversees Texas Title Insurance Agents” outlines the strict regulations that title agents are subject to in Texas. This tool can assist title agents in explaining Texas’ high industry standards to lenders, consumers and other non-industry parties.

The behind-the-scenes work of the title company promotes and ensures an efficient and secure transfer of real estate from the seller to the buyer. Title insurance doesn’t guarantee that you will never have a problem, but it does give you the assurance and peace of mind that the title company will be there to address a problem if there is one. Unlike other types of insurance, the premium for your title policy is paid only once, and your policy remains in effect as long as you own the property. A title policy is your guarantee that the home you are buying is protected from covered title problems.

Like all lines of insurance, title is highly regulated by the government. In Texas, the Department of Insurance is the state agency charged with oversight of title insurance. In fact, Texas has the most tightly regulated title insurance industry in the United States. Both rates and forms are standardized, meaning the language of the policy is the same, regardless of the title company (also known as an underwriter) issuing the policy, and the premium amount charged for the policy is the same no matter which title insurance agent you choose.

When you purchase a title policy in Texas, you should know that the rates, terms and coverages are set by the Department of Insurance and all title professionals are legally bound to those requirements. Because title professionals can’t compete on price or product, they must compete on the quality of service they provide.

Yes. In Texas, the premium rates for title insurance are set by the commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance. Because these rates are the same for all policies, agents do not compete on price, but on service.

When it comes to title insurance policies, there are two types: one for owners and one for lenders. An Owner’s Policy is issued to the buyer after the home is purchased. Be sure to request an Owner’s Policy as they aren’t always an obligatory part of the closing process. Without this policy, you could be liable for any costs or legal fees associated with defending your claim, even if you succeed in court.

Your mortgage lender also has a vested financial interest in the property you’re buying. Lenders depend on title experts to ensure that any unforeseen title problems will not affect them. A Lender’s Policy covers the amount of the loan and declines subsequently as the balance of the loan diminishes.

Although negotiable, it is customary for the property seller to pay for the owner’s Policy.

As with the owner’s title policy, responsibility for payment is negotiable, though it is usually the borrower/buyer who pays for the loan policy.

Texas has an “all-inclusive” premium rate. This means that in addition to the risk covered by the title insurance company, the rate also includes the title search and examination, and closing the title insurance transaction.

Premium rates are established by the commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance through a public hearing process, and all title agents and companies are required to charge the same rate. The rate is based on the amount of coverage provided by the policy. For example, on a policy coverage of $100,000, the rate is $843. Additionally, there may be discounts and other savings available in certain circumstances, such as simultaneous issuance of both owner’s and loan policies, trade-in of previously issued policies (applicable in certain construction situations), refinancing of prior insured liens, etc.

In Texas, there is a legal distinction between closing the real estate transaction and closing the title insurance transaction. For the real estate closing, either the parties to the transaction or their attorneys are required. However, in order to close the transaction for title insurance, an attorney or a licensed escrow officer of a licensed title agent or company is authorized.

When a title insurance policy is issued, it is customary for a licensed escrow officer to close the real estate transaction concurrently with the closing of the title transaction.

No. You may have the option to purchase additional endorsements with your policy.

Through its website, the Texas Department of Insurance publishes helpful consumer information regarding all licensed agents and title companies (also known as underwriters). Information regarding licensed escrow officers, past audits, enforcement actions, fines and other actions that may be helpful in evaluating a company may be found there. In Texas, title companies and agents are licensed by county, therefore an agent may not perform title work or issue a title policy in a county in which the agent is not licensed.