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From Chaos to Clean: How to Organize Your Closet

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Last year, Netflix’s hit series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” inspired the world to better their homes and lives through closet organization. Asking ourselves the question “does it spark joy?” has become a natural habit when sifting through clothing, knickknacks and books. Nothing feels better than living in a clean, decluttered home. Social distancing has reacquainted us with every inch of our homes as we spend the days working remotely, assisting children with schoolwork and caring for one another. During these unprecedented times, taking care of your home through closet organization is must. Here are our five tips to take your closets from chaos to clean while social distancing from home.

Completely Declutter

Before you start envisioning new ways to organize, get yourself situated first. Create a pile of clothes to donate to organizations like The Salvation Army, Goodwill or other local charities. Most cities also have clothing donation bins, and many shelters, churches, synagogues, and sometimes schools accept appropriate donations.

Utilize Shelves and Cubbies

If your closet isn’t as big as you’d prefer, find unique ways to expand space. We recommend adding shelving, storage cubbies and hanging organizers to store items that cannot be hung on the rod like shoes, jewelry or other accessories.

Store Accordingly

Once you’ve decluttered, develop a simple organization system. Store your most used items at eye level, less used items at the bottom and least used items up high. When it comes to clothing, some people utilize designated spaces for each category like t-shirts, work-wear, formal clothing and winter coats.

Incorporate Lighting

Closets can be dark and dreary, making it difficult to quickly locate clothing and items. To combat this problem, install lighting to better illuminate the space and prevent the urge to allow clutter to accumulate again.

Color Coordinate

Shop your closet the same way you’d shop in a store. Color coordinate your clothing and items within each category we mentioned above in “Store Accordingly.” If you feel the desire to, take this one step further by organizing your colors from light to dark or dark to light.

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