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Five Tasks To Help Clean Your Home in Five Minutes

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While DFW has practiced social distancing, we’ve all noticed how quickly our homes can become disorganized or dirty. In the blink of an eye our kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms go from sparkling to startling.

However, keeping your home clean doesn’t have to be an all-day ordeal. Here are five tasks you can perform in five minutes or less to minimize mess while sheltering in place.

Clean Out That Junk Drawer

It’s inevitable: every home has a junk drawer somewhere that desperately needs cleaning out. Whether it’s in your kitchen or a bedroom, take a couple minutes to organize that out-of-control drawer. Like Marie Kondo preaches, try to think like a minimalist. Toss out old papers, pens and other items that are broken or haven’t been used in a considerable amount of time.

Set a Timer & Fold Laundry

Between participating in Zoom calls and your child’s online learning, social distancing can be very busy. If you’re feeling crunched for time, try tackling laundry in five-minute increments. Set a timer before diving into your laundry pile throughout the week.

Swap Out Dirty Hand Towels

Keeping our hands clean while sheltering in place is a must. Don’t forget to swap out your dirty hand towels in your kitchen and bathroom a couple times a week. Protecting you and your loved ones’ health is the most important thing right now.

Vacuum One Room

Vacuuming your home doesn’t have to be an all day ordeal. Spread out the chore over time by picking one room to focus on each day. When you’re done, rotate back to the original room and keep the cycle going.

Wipe Down The Stove

It is very tempting to move directly onto eating after preparing a delicious meal. As you wait for everyone to assemble around the dining table, cut down on the post-meal clean up time by wiping down your cooking area and putting away ingredients.

Curious about cleaning services, decluttering tips or more to help you clean your home? See our list of preferred vendors here that can help you get your home back to a clean state.

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